Video Footage Shows Andre Bromfield Killing Shantel Whyte in Mandeville

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Andre Bromfield, the man who shot a young woman to death in Manchester on New Year’s Eve, has been charged.

A video that captured the incident was being circulated by social media users. The video shows 3 people in a room apparently talking, two men and one woman, one man got up, pulled a weapon from his waist and started shooting the young lady, he then fled the scene.

Police have charged the 30-year old Andre Bromfield after he reportedly turned himself in, he was charged with murder, illegal possession of ammunition and a firearm.

Shantell Whyte, the Twenty-four-year-old inventory clerk of Grey Ground, Manchester was shot many times at the place where she worked.

The shooting took place at about 6:15 on December 31st.

The Police were quickly alerted and when they arrived, they saw Shantell who had multiple gunshot wounds and they found out after that the she was dead.

Reports state that the two were involved in a love triangle has Andrew was married but stepped out of his marriage to be with Shantell who also worked at the same business place.

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