VIDEO- Jamaican Boyfriend Stabs Cheating Girlfriend through the Neck.

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A jealous boyfriend who killed his partner and claimed he was wrongly accused of murder like Harrison Ford’s character in The Fugitive has been jailed for at least 20 years.

Franklin McLeod, 55, stabbed 53-year-old Marlene Coleman through the neck in a fit of jealous anger on June 16 last year in their shared flat in Lewisham, southeast London.

The pair were both born in Jamaica and had been in a relationship for over ten years.

Ms Coleman, one of the first female train dispatchers for Eurostar, allegedly had become unhappy in their relationship and wanted it to end but McLeod refused to leave.

The court heard that he pried into his partner’s WhatsApp messages on June 16 last year and came across voice-notes from a man called Kevin Williams.

Mr Williams lived in Jamaica and shared a close friendship with Ms Coleman.

He was helping her build a house in Jamaica and she would send him money for the project.

McLeod confronted his partner and stabbed her during the subsequent argument.

He did not call an ambulance but walked to a police station to report the incident, blaming a ‘mystery attacker’.

His barrister even likened him to Dr Richard Kimble, played by Harrison Ford in ‘The Fugitive’, who is wrongly accused of his wife’s murder.

McLeod, of Cressingham Road, Lewisham, denied the murder charge but was convicted by an Old Bailey jury last November.

Judge Angela Rafferty said: ‘On 17 June 2022 you murdered a very much loved woman who had been in a relationship with you for some time. You intended to kill her, I am quite sure from the evidence I have heard.

‘You left her to die on the floor where she bled to death. In the aftermath you did nothing to help her or comfort her. You went for a walk during which I’m sure you disposed of the knife.

‘You were unreasonable, unhelpful and watchful of her and she was seeking to escape from you. You lied to the jury at trial and gave no account of how you killed her.

‘I am sure that on reading those messages you became jealous. You became furious and this led to you killing your partner.

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