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Isaiah 12:3 “With joy, you will draw water from the wells of salvation”.

Living a life of thanksgiving is very important in our day-to-day interactions with people. Let’s take an example between a father and his son

When a father gives his son a gift, and the son appreciates him for it, the father will want to do much more for him because his son was grateful for what he has done.

Now, when the son refuses to say “thank you” to his father for the gift he has received, the father will not be happy and might be reluctant to give him more gifts.

This is the same relationship we as Christians have with our God. 

According to 2 Corinthians 6:18 in the bible, Jesus Christ is being described as your heavenly father and according to Matthew 7:11, it is very clear that your heavenly father loves to give good gifts to his children.

So, now that you know that Jesus Christ is also your heavenly father and he loves and delights in giving you, his child, good gifts, you have to learn to live a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

So, below, I have outlined a formula that you can use to train yourself to become a thanksgiver.

5 Steps A Christian Can Take To Live A Life Of Thanksgiving

1. Know (be convinced) that GOD is with you

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This first point is very important because the feeling of “being alone”, “having nobody” “hopelessness” can lead people to depression, suicide, sadness, and ‘un-thankfulness”

So, the first thing is, to know that you are not alone in this world, even if you don’t have a dad, a mom, a child, a spouse, etc, you are not alone because God is with you.

God has promised in his word that he will never leave you nor forsake you but the effect of his presence will only be felt if you “know” beyond all reasonable doubt that God is definitely with you.

This will help you to remain thankful every day of your life

Bible verse: Isaiah 41:10

2. Know that GOD is for you

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Now, it’s one thing to know that God exists, but it’s another thing to be convinced that God is for you.

A lot of people believe in the existence of God who is all-powerful but finds it hard to believe that that same powerful God will show up strong in their problems/situations.

This brings me to the second point, “Know that God is for you”.

God wants to bless you, he wants to provide for you, heal you, protect you, make you succeed, and prosper in all you do.

So, be convinced, be sure without a doubt, that God is for you and wants the best for you.

This mindset will make you thankful

Bible verse: Psalm 56:9bThis I know, that God is for you

3. Know that you will have whatever you have prayed for

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Remain convinced that whatever you have prayed and asked God for, you have received it.

Why? because that is what the bible says

Bible verse: Mark 11:24 

The bible also says that heaven and earth shall pass away but not one piece of God’s word shall pass away ( Matthew 24:35)

So, if you believe this from your heart, it will be easy to be thankful

4. Know that anything GOD has told you is yours in the bible, is actually yours!

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Be convinced, beyond all reasonable doubt that anything God has promised you in his word, during prayers, while studying the word of GOD, during a church service, etc, is actually yours

It is a thing of the mind, you have to position your mind to receive the things that are already yours(healing, the fruit of the womb, etc) and start acting as if you have already received them.

This will bring joy to your heart and thanksgiving will flow out

So, if God told you that you have gotten that job, believe it in your mind and watch thanksgiving flow out from you

Bible verse: Luke 1:45:

5. Live a Life of Expectations

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If you are expectant, you will naturally be joyful and thankful because you can already see yourself receiving your heart’s desires.

As a child of GOD, it is important to live a life of expectation. Always expect to get everything you pray for.

So, if you have prayed for the fruit of the womb, start buying baby clothes, strollers, baby feeding bottles, pampers, etc

That is how to live your life expecting to receive all you have prayed for.

Bible verse: 

Proverbs 10:24 

Proverbs 23: 18



Below is a summary of how you can live a life of thanksgiving as a Christian

1. Know (be convinced) that God is with you

2. Know that God is for you

3. Know that you will have whatever you have prayed for

4. Know that anything God has told you is yours in the bible, is actually yours

5. Live a Life of Expectations

Know that no condition is permanent, so go ahead and comment below and share your prayer request with us if you want us to pray with you

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