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Jubna is an advertising network located in the MENA regions (Middle East and North Africa) with over 1000+ publishers, 300 million users, 200 million clicks and 25 billion recommendations (according to jubna.com)

Jubna ad network offers advertising opportunities to advertisers using native ad format and they also help to monetize the websites of premium publishers.

Their well-equipped Ad-tech team ensures that advertisers enjoy easy and smooth campaign setup as well as ensuring that highly engaging native ads that fits the user’s interests are placed on the publisher’s website to ensure a high click through rate.

So, below I will be talking about how jubna caters to the needs of advertisers and publishers .

1) Jubna For Advertisers

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Jubna ad network caters to the needs of Advertisers by ensuring that their ads are placed on highly engaging websites that fits the products or services being advertised.

Jubna is a native ad networks, so therefore, the only ad format used here is native ads.

Benefits of Jubna Ad Network For Advertisers

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A) Access to targeted audience : The main aim of advertisers running a campaign is to get people to respond to their products and/or services. 

So, it is important that the readers are highly targeted inorder to ensure a high conversion rate.

Jubna ensure that advertisers gets to advertise on blogs that are highly targeted, owned by premium publishers.

B) Low minimum start-up: 

Unlike many other ad networks, Jubna ad network allows advertisers to start small and scale up their ad spend, therefore, allowing advertisers to begin their campaign with as little as $100 minimum top-up.

C) Dashboard with detailed reporting

An important aspect of running ad campaigns is having access to several metrics of the campaign inorder to be able to optimize the ad or stop the ad depending on the reports of the campaign analytics.

Jubna ad network gives advertisers a very well detailed insight of the campaign they are running inorder to ensure their success and possibly increase their ROI (returns on investment)

D) Features to ensure multi level targeting:

Jubna ad network helps to ensure advertisers have multiple options of targeting inorder to ensure the success of their campaign. Advertisers can target different countries and regions, different operating system for phones and desktops, browser and much more.

E) Ensures that advertisers reach their intended audience

Jubna ensures that advertisers reach their audience regardless of the goal of the campaign. So, whether the advertiser wants to increase website traffic, increase app installs, increase downloads etc, Jubna ensures that the targeted audience is reached.

F) Zone bidding to maximize the ROI

Jubna ad network works with advertisers to ensure that the goal of their campaign is reached. So therefore, the Jubna designs their technology to monitor campaigns and helps to maximize the ROI through zone bidding inorder to prevent wastage and maximize profit.

You can join Jubna as an advertiser today by clicking here

2) Jubna For Publishers

Jubna also offers monetization opportunities for premium publishers. They offer native ad format and quick account approval with an easy setup process in order to ensure instant monetization for publishers.

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Benefits of Jubna Ad Network For Publishers

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A) Ensures that ads link to quality content

Jubna cares about maintaining the quality of the publisher’s content by ensuring that the ads served on their blog rhymes with the quality of content of the blog. 

This ensures that readers don’t get turned-off by the ads while increasing the click through rates, thereby increasing the publisher’s earnings.

B) Full control over the display style of the ads

Jubna ads networks allows the publisher to have full control over how they want the ads to show on their website. 

This helps to make the publisher comfortable with using Jubna on their website as they can present the ads to their users in the way they choose to.

C) High earning potential

Jubna offers one of the highest revenue in the industry. So, publishers gets to enjoy high payouts as well as quick payouts using methods such as payoneer, wire transfer and/or paypal

D) Offers responsive native ads

Jubna ads network offers responsive native ads to monetize blogs. Offering responsive native ads helps to ensure that the ads get to adapt to varying devices and css styles maintaining a perfect look.

E) Comprehensive dashboard:

Jubna publishers gain access to a simple, yet comprehensive dashboard showing earnings per country, page and device. 

You can join Jubna as a publisher by clicking here


Jubna ad network is an amazing monetization and advertisement platform for both advertisers and publishers. 

Jubna helps to run effective and profitable campaigns for advertisers while providing important features that ensure high ROI.

Jubna also serves publishers by providing instant monetization, quick setup and quick payouts.

If you have ever used jubna ad network, comment below and share your experience with us.

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