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Studying law can be a very profitable investment to make in your professional career but it can also be very stressful, hence the need for resources that can help to ease up the process.

So, if you are in law school and you are looking for apps that can help you study for exams, you can check out these 2 apps outlined below with their benefits and features.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Ed 

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Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Ed app is one of the best apps for studying law


A) Study law terms:

With the help of this app, you can gain access to thousands of law terms you can study straight from your phone

B) Get correct pronunciation:

Using this app will help you find the correct pronunciation of law terms using the audio in it

C) Can be used at any time:

You can find out the definitions and pronunciation of law terms any day and anytime. You can study while traveling, chilling with friends etc

This app has about 50,000 law terms with over 16,000 definitions


A) Thousands of law terms: This app contains about 50,000 law terms, plus 7,500 more law terms 

B) Quotations and Citations: This app contains a lot of law terms and they have a number of sources and citations attached to each term

C) Earliest usage dates: This app contains the earliest usage dates in English-language contexts for nearly all law terms – this is the only legal dictionary with this feature

D) Abbreviations and Acronyms: This app has more than 1,000 definitions of law-related acronyms and abbreviations 

E) Trusted authority – every term has been reviewed for accuracy by nearly 300 attorneys from across the country

F) Audio clips: This app has audio clips to help coach you in the pronunciation for over 7,000 law terms to get you prepared for an amazing law career

G) Latin Maxims: This app helps to thoroughly edit and review Latin maxims, with over 900 new maxims added

H) Search functionality: This feature can be very useful when searching for a particular law term or topic

I) Spell-checker functionality: This app also helps to cross-check the spelling of law terms, topics, or definitions. The app provides suggestions for misspelled law terms

J) Define in Black’s: This feature helps to define words within definition text by selecting a word and tapping the “Define in Black’s” feature.

K) Enhanced linking: With this app, you can link to cross-references and subentries from a search result, in between definitions, and within a definition. For example, you can link to Westlaw content through the WestlawNext iPad app

L) Word of the Day: This app has a feature known as “word of the day”, so that you can have one law term per day to study. With this feature, you will get full definitions of the “word of the day” with attached quotations and citations. You can also easily navigate to the previous “word of the day” from the current one

M) History: You can easily keep track of viewed law terms, definitions, sorted out by alphabetical order or by date

N) Intuitive structure: This is formulated for easy navigation and reading 

2. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards

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Quizlet app is one of the best apps that can help you study for law exams


A) You will get to study for law exams with flashcards

B) Get tutored by experts and get expert-verified textbook solutions to your toughest law test problem sets

C) You get to share flashcards with a number of other students, friends, and classmates in order to study together 

D) The learn mode on this Quizlet app is great for helping you get ready for law tests and exams  

E) You can use the write mode in the app to put your memory to the test. This method of studying has proven to be very effective in increasing retention

F) Use the match mode on the app to time yourself and increase productivity by allocating time for each study activity you have

G) Multilingual: Using this app to study for your law test is unique because you can study in 18 other languages


A) Flashcards: With a flashcard, you get to carry a reminder of the definitions of law terms, and you get to revise questions and answers. Flashcards give you the opportunity to jot down some information that you need to go over again or to practice spaced repetition in order to increase retention

B) Learn mode: When you put the app on learn mode, you get the opportunity to study for law exams and tests

C) Match mode: This feature helps you to manage your time and increase productivity. For example, if you have to study multiple courses for your law exam, you can allocate time to study each course and use this mode to keep your studies within that allocated time

D) Write mode: You can use this mode to revise and practice what you have already studied. With this feature, you can write down questions and write down the answers, you can jot down definitions that you have studied.

E) Study mode: In this mode, you can study for any law exams in more than 18 languages including English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French amongst others

With this app, you can prepare for exams like the semester law exams, SAT, ACT,

Quizlet Plus is available to try for free for 7 days. 



Below is a summary of my top 2 apps for studying for law exams 

1. Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Ed 

2. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards

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