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According to a survey, 89 percent of parents feel that Maths is the toughest subject their kids have to study in school and about 77 percent of parents believe that the subject is not being taught well in schools leading to the need for extra classes to get better in mathematics.

I have outlined two apps that can help you, your child or students improve their knowledge and skills in mathematical concepts.

1. Yash Math Adventure Elementary


Yash Math is one of the best apps for learning maths easily.

The Yash Math app combines practising Maths and playing games to teach children mathematics. This app uses this combination to improve the arithmetic skills of children, from addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

This app presents math questions as quests for the child to conquer, this encourages the child to solve this quest, thereby improving their arithmetic skills


A) Practise calculations: You can get to carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division at your skill level

B) Math quest: The math quests are very immersive and adventurous to improve your math skills

C) Core mathematical concepts: These core concepts are presented in a meaningful and engaging way

D) Mathematical curriculum: This curriculum is great for first, second and third grades

E) Resources for parents and teachers: This app makes learning mathematics in any location easy. So whether your child is home or in school, they can easily study mathematics.

F) Puzzles: Learning mathematics can be fun for your child using this app. They get to solve challenging puzzles as they travel through 6 beautiful locations around the world

G)Friendly games: This app uses nature-friendly games and non-violent games to teach your child mathematics

H) 2D Platform Adventures: This app uses 36 levels of exciting 2D platform adventure

I) Smart Classes: This app can help to make your child a smart and adventurous kid as they play to learn mathematics

J) This app is recommended for children that are 6 years and above 

K) This app is also great for teachers to engage with their students and improve their learning experience


A) Encourages kids to learn arithmetic skills

The game is designed in such a way that the kids have to solve some arithmetic questions at key points in the game in order to progress to the next stage to collect tokens with about 6 beautifully designed worlds with mazes and labyrinths. 

The kids have to perform some skills like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, running and even jumping. 

It can also be used to practise timetable

B) Perfect for the summer

This app is perfect to use during the summer to continue renewing your child’s math knowledge so that they do not forget simple mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, etc before classes begin.

This app promises that they use only non-violent games, games that do not cause harm to animals or nature to teach mathematics to children

This app uses adventurous games inspired by the beautiful scenery of different planets to teach addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

C) It can be customized

The gameplay can be customized by parents and teachers to focus on specific arithmetic concepts to improve the child’s mathematical abilities

D) Privacy is protected

This app complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), so Parents and teachers can rest assured that their child is protected when using this maths app

2. Incredible Maths

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Incredible Maths app is one of the best apps for learning maths

When using the Incredible Maths app, you will

  • Learn how to answer different types of mathematical questions
  • After learning how to answer questions, you will be presented with practice questions to answer
  • While answering the questions, you will be able to track your speed and accuracy to see your progress and figure out what you need to improve on


This app has some amazing features that help to encourage learning math in a fun and easy way. Below are some of these features

A) Easy explanations: At every level of learning mathematics in the app, there are easy explanations for easy understanding.

B) Questions: There are questions at every level for a better understanding of the mathematical concept

C) Track progress: In the app, you can track your progress in learning mathematics, so that you can improve your skills

D) Leaderboard: So, you can keep yourself motivated by keeping track of other friends on the leaderboard in the app. 

E) Continue offline: You can continue learning maths with this Incredible Maths app even when you are offline


This math app is great for learning and improving your mathematical skills. With this app, you can learn a wide range of mathematical topics and skills from the beginner level to expert levels

This app is also great for both children and adults because it teaches both simple and complex mathematical skills.

It can also be used by students to revise for tests and exams to increase their chances of getting high grades in maths

A) You can learn Arithmetic (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

B) You can get to learn more about Powers and Roots

C) You can learn about “Rounding”

D) Improve your concepts on “Finding percentages of numbers”

E) Improve on “Converting units”

F) Improve your knowledge of Fractions (Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions)

G) You can become better at Finding fractions of amounts

H) You can improve your knowledge of “Probability”

I) You can start learning shapes (2D shapes and 3D shapes)

J) Improve your concepts on the Area and perimeter of 2D shapes

K) You can increase your knowledge of the Volume and surface area of 3D shapes

L) You can get better at “Calculating angles”

M)You can get better at solving simple, linear, and quadratic equations

• And much more…

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Below is a summary of the two apps that are great for studying mathematics

1. Yash Math Adventure Elementary

2. Incredible Maths

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