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According to studies, the French language is the fifth most spoken language in the world with over 300 million speakers across the five continents.

So if you need to learn French for work, for fun, or even for travel, I have outlined some apps for you to quickly learn the French language.

1. Pimsleur Learn Languages Quick

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Pimsleur is one of the best apps for learning the French language.

Pimsleur prides itself in being able to make people learn the French language quickly using scientifically proven methods and by making the learning process fun.


A) Learn how to speak Spanish from day 1

The Pimsleur app can help you to not just read the language but to also speak it from day 1. The lessons found on the app are designed to encourage you to easily start speaking Spanish from the first day

B) Get comfortable with Spanish 

Using conversation-focused lessons to learn Spanish helps to make you get very comfortable with the language. 

C) Learn the Spanish language fast

According to the Pimsleur app, they claim that they can help you to hold your first Spanish conversation within 30 minutes! So if you need to quickly use Spanish for your conversations, Pimsleur might just be the best for you.

D) Fits into your schedule

Pimsleur app helps to make learning the Spanish language flexibly. You will be able to fit learning Spanish with your busy day-to-day schedule.

E) Can be accessed at any time and anywhere

The lessons on this app can be accessed even when offline. It can also be accessed at any day and anytime.


A) Core Conversational Lessons

The lessons in the Pimsleur app are made in a conversational method in order to increase retention. You can also use these lessons at any time to practise with friends or even Alexa.

B)Reading Lessons

There are also a lot of reading lessons to improve your Spanish reading skills while improving your speaking skills

C)Speak easily challenge

Use conversations on written out transcripts to role-play, in order to increase retention


Use flashcards to build your vocabulary and practise your Spanish writing skills

E)Skills Categories

Practise your Spanish language skills by categorizing them using topics

F)Skill-building tools

The use of skill-building tools like speed round, quick match helps you to test your Spanish language skills 

G) Sync Progress

You can sync your progress in learning the Spanish language across all your mobile devices including Amazon Echo.

H) Uninterrupted learning

You can learn the Spanish language without any interruptions while using this app. There are no ads. You can listen to the lessons offline, download them or even stream them

2. Speakly: Learn Languages Fast

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Speakly app is one of the best apps for learning the Spanish language

The Speakly app is a very effective app to learn the Spanish language especially if you want to learn it as a team. It could be with a group of friends, co-workers, or even neighbors and it can be done while studying working, traveling, or living abroad


A) Gain relevant vocabulary

You will gain the 4,000 most statistically relevant words or phrases to use in Spanish in their order of importance. Speakly does this by combining computational and scientific algorithms to teach these vocabulary. This method will make the Spanish learning process 4 to 5 times faster than the traditional methods of learning 

B) Use of Memory Techniques

The Speakly app uses the method of “spaced repetition” to improve memory and retention. The use of spaced repetition for newly acquired information will help to push these information into your long-term memory ensuring that you retain it

C) Build your confidence in real-life situations

You will get to practise the Spanish language by using real-life situations to make you familiar with the language. This will make you more comfortable with the Spanish language while practicing from your smartphone or computer

D) You will learn the Spanish language fast

With the Speakly app, you can quickly go from the beginner’s level of the Spanish language to a higher level, a confident speaking level within a few months of studying. All you need is 10 minutes of study daily


A) Relevant words only

B) Effective listening exercises

C) Practice with real-life situations

D)Multiple-choice answers

E) Pronunciation with voice recognition

F) Easy-to-understand grammar system

G) Entertaining speaking exercises

H) Progress synchronization across devices

The Speakly app helps you to reach your Spanish language learning goals quickly

By using this app daily to improve your Spanish skills, you will be able to do the following using the Spanish language within one month

A) Shopping 

B) Directions

C) Socializing 

D) Foods and drinks 

and much more!

3. Lingvist: Learn Languages Fast

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Lingvist is one of the best apps for learning the Spanish language.


A) Learn the Spanish language 10x faster

With Lingvist, you can learn the Spanish language quickly, even 10 times faster

B) You can learn Spanish at any language level

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this app will help you to improve your Spanish skills 

C) Get comfortable with the Spanish language

This app uses everyday contexts in Spanish language lessons to make you comfortable with the language.

D) Easily track your progress

When learning Spanish using the Lingvist app, you can easily set reminders and track your progress

The Lingvist app was made with the combined effort of native speakers, language experts, top scientists, and engineers, so if you are looking for a quality app to learn Spanish with, the Lingvist app might just be the best app for you


A) Level placement: As you progress in learning the Spanish language, your level can be analyzed and adjusted dynamically

B) Custom Decks: You can use your own words, texts, or images in the app and Lingvist will gather vocabulary related to the theme for you to learn

C) 5000+ words per language course

D) Virtual voice playback

E) Voice input (mobile only) 



Below is a summary of the top 3 apps for learning the Spanish language

1. Pimsleur Learn Languages Quick

2. Speakly: Learn Languages Fast

3. Lingvist: Learn Languages Fast

Share your experience with us by commenting below if you have ever used any of these apps

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