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Cognitive skills are the core skills that your brain uses to learn, think, reason, read, remember and pay attention, so whenever any of these skills are impaired, the individual will not be able to gather, understand, retain or use any information.

I have outlined three apps that can help to improve memory and other cognitive skills

1. Peak – Brain Games & Training

Peak app is one of the best apps for improving memory and other cognitive abilities.

In the Peak app, the brain games are made in partnership with universities such as New York University and Cambridge University. So, I think that it is safe to say that these games are of high quality and they already have about 12 million app downloads


A) Improve memory

The Peak app is a fun and free way to train your brain to improve your memory

B) Improve critical thinking:

This app uses challenging puzzles and games to improve critical thinking

C) Creates exciting brain training experiences to improve memory

The Peak app has a lot of fun and exciting games that help to stimulate the brain creating a great brain training experience

D) Quick brain exercises to improve memory

All you need is 10 minutes every day to partake in any of the 45 brain games available on the app to help stimulate the brain

E) Developed by Neuroscientists:

This app was developed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, cognitive education, and science.

The Peak app advisory board includes the Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, Professor Barbara Shakian FMedSci DSc.


A) Free brain games: 

These brain games help to challenge your 

  • Emotion Control
  • Language
  • Attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Mental Agility
  • Coordination
  • Math

B) Brain Maps:

You can learn the categories that you excel best in by monitoring your brain game performance and brain maps

C) Coach:

Attached to your app is a coach/personal trainer for your brain to help track your progress to see improvements

D) Cognitive brain training:

This training is conducted with games from expert researchers at New York University, Cambridge University, and much more

E) Can be used offline:

This app also works offline so that you can enjoy peak brain games at any day and anytime

F) About 45 brain games:

These games help to stimulate the brain

G) Brain training workouts: 

This app has several personalized brain training workouts with in-depth insights

H) Peak Advanced Training Modules: This app contains modules prepared by highly educated professionals. These modules are high intense programs that focus on training a specific skill

2. Elevate – Brain Training Games

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Elevate app is one of the best apps for improving memory and other cognitive abilities

The Elevate app contains brain training programs to improve memory skills, attention, processing speed,  mental math, speaking skills, and much more. To make this program more effective, each user can have a personalized training program that will adjust per time to improve results.

When you frequently use Elevate app, you can greatly improve your cognitive skills to increase your math skills, productivity, vocabulary, self-confidence, earning power, overall mental sharpness, and much more


A) Workout Achievements: This app contains about 150+ workout achievements to help you stay motivated as you start a workout streak

B) Personalized Workouts: In this app, you can personalize your workouts by customizing them to focus on getting better in the skills that you need most

C) 40+ Brain Training Games: These games help you to improve your cognitive skills in mathematics, comprehension, focus, precision, memory, processing, and much more

D) Adaptive Progression: This app helps to track your progress while training your brain with different challenges that get harder and harder as you progress and get better

E) Performance Tracking: In this app, you can measure your performance by tracking them and comparing them with each other. There are also weekly reports of key opportunities and achievements once weekly.


A) Improves your writing skills: 

Training your brain with this app can help you to improve your writing skills. It improves your persuasiveness, clarity, and concision with writing

B) Improve your spelling

This app can help to improve your spelling and other writing skills

C) Improve your reading skills

This app can help you to become a better reader. It improves your reading skills by increasing your understanding

D) Improve your Speaking skills

By using this app, you can improve your vocabulary and your speaking abilities

E) Improve your math skills

You can improve your math skills as you can learn to easily and quickly solve math problems like calculating discounts, comparing prices, splitting bills, and much more

F) Increase your vocabulary

This app helps you to expand your vocabulary which will help you to express yourself more fluently

The Elevate app is great because it was made in collaboration with educational experts based on educational techniques. The mental workout algorithms can be personalized for each user using cognitive research in memory and attention studies 

3. Memorado – Brain Games

Memorado is one of the best apps for improving memory and other cognitive abilities.

Memorado app contains brain training programs to help improve your memory and other cognitive skills. The app already has over 10 million members

Train your brain to be stronger and sharper in order to improve your level of concentration, logic, mathematical skills, and memory with over 14 challenging and fun-loving mind games over 420 levels


A) Customized daily workouts: You can make personalized daily workouts that fit your needs.

B) Audio sessions: You have access to about 100+ meditative audio sessions that are effective at calming your mind

C) Statistics: You get frequent reports to show areas that you are great at and areas that you need to improve on 

D) Graphics: Having access to stunning graphics that can easily be used 

E) Tracking: These regular scientific tests will help to improve your cognitive ability as you track your progress over time

F) Over 30 interactive games:

These games help to train logic, memory, concentration, mathematical skill, and reaction


A) Improves memory: 

Memorado uses neuroscience to train your mind and improve concentration and memory

B) Increases intelligence

The Memorado app uses the science of neuroplasticity to show that brain training can improve fluid intelligence and memory

C) Your mind can be trained

Studies have shown that strong brain connectivity might be a big component of human intelligence and memory and this can help slow down dementia.  So your brain and mind can be trained just like your body can be trained



Below is a summary of the list of three, 3, apps that help to improve your memory and cognitive abilities

1. Peak – Brain Games & Training

2. Elevate – Brain Training Games

3. Memorado – Brain Games

Share with us your experience below if you have ever used any of these apps

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