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Expanding your vocabulary in the English language can help to boost your confidence as a teacher, student, employer, employee, public speaker, Government official, etc. It helps to improve your communication skills.

So I have listed my top two apps that are great for expanding your vocabulary  

1. WordUp Vocabulary

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WordUp app is one of the best apps to use in expanding your vocabulary

The WordUp app is great at expanding your vocabulary but teaching you some words and their meaning through entertaining features like movies, quotes, songs, and more


A) Movies:

This app contains a number of movies to help you expand your vocabulary. Using movie to learn new words is very effective in making the user comfortable with using difficult vocabulary as they will get to hear those words used in a sentence by actual people in the movie

B) Songs:

This app contains songs with common and difficult-level vocabulary in it. Using songs to teach users of this app is very effective because when you get to listen to the songs played over and over again, you can then easily learn the song and sing it to yourself at any time. This helps to increase retention of those big difficult level vocabulary

C) Famous quotes:

This app contains famous quotes that you can use to easily expand your vocabulary as you repeat those words to yourself

You can use this app by taking these steps

  • You have to first assess yourself
  • Take out time to discover the words you don’t know
  • Then begin to use the app to learn words in their order of importance
  • Learn to use the words you learned in the correct context


A)Improves quality of life: This app can help to adequately Improve the quality of your life

B) Career opportunities: This app helps to teach the English language which can help you to qualify for English-speaking jobs

C)Features like the movies, songs, quotes will make you comfortable with using more difficult vocabulary in your sentences

D) Expanding vocabulary is fun: This app ensures that you also have fun while expanding your vocabulary

E) Break language barriers: This app helps to break language barriers by strengthening your English communication skills making you bond over the English language

F) Bond with family and friends: by teaching them different vocabularies that they can start using to communicate with each other.

The WordUp app is perfect for a wide range of users, from students to professionals, native to non-native speakers for a variety of reasons:

A. Native English speakers: need this app to expand their vocabulary and have a wider knowledge of words

B. Non-native English speakers: this app is perfect for these speakers to learn the English language from scratch to be able to easily communicate with English speaking friends or to qualify for an English speaking job position etc

C. English teachers: This app can be used to assist English teachers in educating students in the language

D. Employer: An employer can use this tool to foster better communication between him/her and their employees and between co-workers, especially if one or more of them are not native English speakers

E. Government officials: This app can help Government officials improve their language skills and it can be effective irrespective of their Government department or role

F. Students: This app can help you to adequately prepare for a TOEFL or IELTS exam

2. Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep

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Vocabulary Builder app is one of the best apps for expanding your vocabulary

This Vocabulary builder app invented by Magoosh already has over 5 million students using it. This app is great for helping you expand your vocabulary while assisting you to prepare for your GRE exam (the English part of it). With this app, you can practise your vocabulary at any day and any time


A) 1200 GRE vocab words: This app contains over 1,200 GRE vocab words picked by an expert tutor in order to expand your vocabulary

B) Audio pronunciation: This app has audio clips that contain pronunciations of the different GRE vocabulary words. This feature helps you to adequately perfect the words

C) Definitions and examples: This app contains definitions of different words with examples of how to use these words in sentences

D)Vocabulary levels: In order to be able to track your progress and ascertain your level of English proficiency, this app has been divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced vocabulary sections. You can decide to start at any level you are in to continue studying

E) Rewards: You get rewarded by unlocking new words whenever you successfully finish one level of word difficulty

F) Track progress: You can easily track your progress as you study


A) Expand your vocabulary: This app contains a number of lessons that help to expand your knowledge of a wide variety of vocabulary. From beginner to advanced learner’s level

B) Helps you prepare for exams: With this app, you can effectively expand your vocabulary in order to adequately prepare for the exams that test your English skills such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and others

C) Fun way to learn: This app is designed in such a way that you will have fun learning new vocabulary. This is an effective method of learning in order to keep the learner alert and consistent

D) Easy to retain: This app uses an effective method to teach new vocabulary in order to increase the retention of this information. Each level you reach and overcome unlocks new higher levels and this comes with more advanced words. The words that you haven’t perfected will be repeated over and over again until you master them. The method used here is called spaced repetition which has been proven to be an effective memorization strategy

E) App was created by experts: The contents of this app were created and assembled by Magoosh’s expert tutors, led by Chris Lele who runs a popular vocabulary series on Youtube. He also has 10 years of experience in teaching students to prepare for the GRE exam

F) The app is absolutely FREE!



Below is the summary of my top two apps that helps to expand your vocabulary

1. WordUp Vocabulary

2. Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep

Comment below if you have ever used any of these apps and share your experiences

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