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Purple ads network is a premium ad network that cater to the needs of both advertisers and publishers and in this article, I will be highlighting those details so that you will have enough information if you decide to work with them in the capacity of an advertiser or a publisher.


Purpleads.io Statistics

Below is a summary of the statistics provided by purpleads.io

A) Number of ads displayed per month: 920 million

B) Number of current publishers working with them: 20 thousand

C) Average CTR: 2.2%

D) Number of verified clicks: 220 million

E) Number of current advertisers: 12 thousand

Types of Ads Format Offered

Purple ads network offers varying types of ad format for advertisers to advertiser tier product/service and for publishers to place on their website to earn money from them. The list of ads format available includes

A) App Install ads: are ads, as the name conots, that advertise desktop and/or mobile apps to drive installations 

B) In-page ads: In-page ad is a varying form of push ads/notifications but without the need for permission or browser limitations

C) Responsive Native Display Ads: These are ads that have the ability to adapt to varying css style an device. This form of ads drive 8x more CTR than the classic banner

Purpleads.io For Advertisers

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of registering as an advertiser with purplesds.io 

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A) Quick setup: Advertisers will be able to start running your ad campaign immediately you set it up as they have a team dedicated to reviewing and approving campaigns in a timely fashion

B) Anti-fraud technology: Advertisers will be able to reach their goals while maximizing their ROI. This is done by ensuring that their ads reach real human users and not bots using their anti-fraud protection technology.

C) Attractive cost model: Advertisers have the luxury of using purpleads.io’s attractive cost model that fits their budget and maximizes their ROI. They have the option of using either CPM or CPC for their ad campaigns.

D) Variety of ad formats: Advertisers can also choose from a variety of ads formats to run their campaigns. They can choose responsive display ads, sticky ads, in-page ad formats

E) Detailed dashboard: Advertisers will gain access to the advertiser’s well-organized dashboard showing the campaigns that are running. Purpleads.io have designed the advertiser’s dashboard in such a way that it can be adequately navigated to enable advertisers easily locate their campaigns and take necessary steps in optimizing them

F) Various targeting options: Advertisers have the ability to run very targeted ads. 

-They can target different states, city and countries. 

-They can also target different devices whether it is desktop or mobile phone or tablet. 

-They can target different operating systems and browsers and many more

G) Detailed analytics: This is very important because an advertiser need to monitor their campaigns through the analytics to decide what needs to be changed or added to improve the outcome of their ads. 

So, if you are an agency, a brand, affiliate marketer, media buyer looking for high quality traffic to your offers, purpleds/io might just be for you.

Click here to register as an advertiser with purpleads.io

Purpleads.io For Publishers

Purpleads.io is a premium ads network that provides premium ads to publishers to monetize their websites.

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So, once a publisher registers, they will get to choose the type of ad format they want displayed on their website.

Publishers will also enjoy the following benefits:

A) Purpleads.io offers 100% fill rate for ads displayed on the publisher’s website. This is to ensure adequate monetization resulting in higher revenue.

B) Publishers get paid net +7. This means that  the revenue earned will be held for 7 days, afterwhich it is available for withdrawal. For example, the money earned between 1st of April to 7th day of April will be available for withdrawal after 7 days (8th of April to 14th of April) 

C) Unlike other ad networks, purpleads.io has a low minimum payout threshold of $20. So publishers can quickly and easily reach the payout threshold and withdraw as low as $20

D) Publishers can get paid through various payout methods such as wire transfer, paypal, payoneer, paxum, webmoney etc

This ad network is suitable for small publishers or new bloggers that are looking for a quick and easy way to monetize their blogs. This is because they do not have any minimum traffic requirements, they have an easy setup process with a very low minimum payout threshold.

Click here to register as a publisher with purpleads.io


Purpleads.io caters to the needs of both advertisers and publishers. They offers excellent advertisement services to advertisers that fits their budget and goals. They also offer excellent monetization services to publishers to increase their website revenue.

So, if you have ever used purpleads.io as an advertiser or as a publisher, comment below and share your experience with us.

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