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Love can be defined as a strong, intense affection for someone. It can also be defined as having a strong feeling of passion and intimacy for another person or thing.

This strong affection can be experienced between siblings, parents, child to parents, friends, spouses, and more.

In today’s article, we will be concentrating on the love of God, the love God has towards us as his children

The bible tells us that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life. John 3:16

So, when it comes to the love of God, he demonstrated his love for us by GIVING us his ONLY son. He gave his prized jewel to redeem us from the claws of sin and death.

So below, I will be outlining the several attributes of God’s love for us

1. The love of God is perfect and acts as a model for us

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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The love of God is perfect in every way and it is set as an example for us, teaching us how to love one another. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, we can clearly see the attributes of love outlined. They include:

A) Love is patient

B) Love is kind

C) Love is not envious

D) Love does not boast

E) Love is not easily angered

F) Love does not dishonor others

G) Love is not self-seeking

H) Love does not seek evil for others

I) Love keeps no record of wrong

J) Love always protects

K) Love always trusts

L) Love always perseveres

M) Love is always hopeful

Imagine having someone with all these attributes in your life as a spouse, sibling, etc, the relationship you have with this person will be so sweet and enjoyable.

Well, it’s nothing compared to the love God has for us because his love has these attributes and more. God’s love for us is perfect. God is always patient with us, no matter how many times we sin against God, God will always forgive us and patiently work out our salvation with us.

God is kind to us, he does not want anything evil or bad to happen to us. He is moved by our tears, our hurt, and pain Psalm 34:18 

God never gives up on us, as he will never leave us nor forsake us (Joshua 1:5) and we are encouraged to emulate this type of love towards people around us.

2. The love of God comes with discipline

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According to the book of Hebrews 12:5-7, God advises us not to get angry or lose heart when he rebukes us because as our father, he has to discipline us out of love. 

Another bible verse in Revelation 3:19, says that the lord rebukes and chastens those whom he loves. 

This can be shown with our earthly parents. When a child goes astray by doing what they are not supposed to do, like lying, stealing, etc., it’s the duty of their parents to discipline them because they love them and want the best for them

This is the same with our God. God loves us so much that he chooses to discipline/correct you so that your future will be secured.

Our earthly parents also prepare us, to survive in this world, instilling discipline in us by giving us daily chores, ensuring that we do our assignments daily, etc.

This is the same with our God. So although the “discipline” is not enjoyable, it will produce great and effective qualities in you that will help you to achieve your God given goals and dreams 

 3. The love of God is Jealous

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In the book of Exodus 34:14, God commanded us to worship no other God besides him because he is a jealous God.

God is our father and he has accepted us as his children and he doesn’t want us to worship any other god because he is jealous like that

Just as a husband or wife gets jealous when their spouse flirts with another person, God also gets jealous when we give the worship and praises meant for him to another god.

4. The love of God protects us

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God loves us so much that he can not stand by and allow any harm to come to us. This can be seen in the book of Romans 8:31-39 where God reminded us that if he can spare not his only son, but gave him up to be crucified for our sins, why then will he not give us any good thing we desire

He then stated that no amount of hardship, trouble, or famine can ever separate us from his love because in all these things we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

So, his love is like a shield that surrounds and envelops us, so that no matter what hardship or trial comes our way, the great love he has for us will deliver us from them.

All you have to do is believe in God’s love because the only way to access and experience this love is by having faith in the lord Jesus Christ.



The love of God is beautiful, sweet, perfect, jealous, protective and it disciplines us. God showed us his love by sending his son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Jesus Christ is deeply loved by God, so if he can give up something he loves so much to save us then we should be rest assured that he loves us and he wants the best for us.

So, whenever we face hardship, we should go to God fully convinced that he feels our hurt and pain and he will deliver us. 

Also, remember that we as disciples of God here on earth should emulate him by showing love to others. The bible says, love your neighbour as yourself Mark 12:31

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