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 iFinance 4 is one of the best apps for tracking your finances

iFinance 4 app is an accounting app that helps to keep track of your finances. With this app, you can keep track of where your money is coming from and what you are spending it on. This app provides charts and reports about the state of your finances. You also have the opportunity to budget for different expenses such as monthly house rent or light bills or monthly groceries, so that you can ensure that you have enough for your bills.

So, if you have been struggling to keep tabs on how you spend your money, if you often wonder about how quickly your money gets finished after a night out with friends, or how you are often coming short of money to pay your bills and want to know where your money goes to, then iFinance app is the best app for you.

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With the iFinance 4 app, you can quickly analyse your finances and know what your biggest spending items are and where you can cut down your spending in order to budget better.


A) Encrypted databases: This feature is very important in order to prevent unauthorized access to your information in the app. With this app, your database is protected 

B) Password protection: You can set a password to protect your information in the app so that your information can remain private. The password is also Touch ID supported

C) Track your cash expenses: This is one of the most important reasons for using this app. With this app, you can keep track of what you spend

D) Split transactions: You can keep better track of your budget by categorizing your expenses in order to know how much you spend per transaction

E) Transfer transactions: You can also save all offline and online transactions in the app by transferring all your transactions into the app

F) Categories (with the automatic assignment): You can put some expenses into different categories such as monthly rent, monthly light bills, groceries, etc

G) Contacts: You can also save the contacts of certain people that are relevant to keeping your finances in check

H) Analyse: This app helps you analyse and track all your expenses so that you can know where your money is going and where it is coming from

I) Expenses: This app helps to keep a record of all your expenses

J) Income: This app also records your income and clearly shows where all your income is coming from

K) Loss: There is a section in the app that clearly shows your losses. It shows how much you have lost 

L) Profit: This app keeps a record of your profits as well. It shows how much profit you have made from the different transactions recorded

M) Charts (2D and 3D): This app formulates charts that clearly show how much money is coming in and how much is going out and what it is being spent on

N) Reports: This app gives frequent reports of all of your financial transactions in such a way that they can easily be understood at one glance

O) Budgets: With this app, you can make a comprehensive document organizing your budget for the day, week, or month

P) Enter cash expenses quickly (3D Touch): The user interface is very smooth and easy that it makes inputting your cash expenses very easy

Q) Apple Watch App: You also have access to apple watch functions using this app

R) iCloud and WiFi-Sync: You have the ability to synchronize data/information using iCloud and integrated WiFi

S) File attachments (for single transactions); Using this app, you can easily attach files for your transactions

T) Account statements (PDF files): You can easily print out your account statement in the form of PDF

U) Stocks: You can use this app to keep track of all your stocks

V) Different currencies (in one database): Using this app, you can use any type of currency in one database. So, you can use EURO, USD, JMD, Pounds Sterling, all in one database

W) VoiceOver-Support: If you encounter any problem while using this app, you can easily get access to a voice-over customer service that is dedicated to providing quality support 

The supported file import formats include

  • CSV
  • OFX
  • QIF
  • MT940
  • Multiple databases
  • Bank Accounts in Notification Center
  • Export formats
  • CSV
  • PDF

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A)Easily import files:

With iFinance, you can easily import files into the app in the form of CSV, QIF, mt940, etc

B) Print on money transfer forms

With the iFinance app, you can easily print on money transfer forms to aid smooth transaction processing

C)Sync via iCloud or Wifi:

You can easily synchronize your data between iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers via integrated WiFi or iCloud. 

image 50

D) Use & Edit data with multiple users

Using WiFi to synchronize data across multiple users also allows you to work on your stored data with other users. This is very useful if you are managing the finances of a bank, a club, or an association with other people

E) Track your budget

This app is useful for creating a customizable chart or report of how your money moves. It shows you 

  • Where your money is coming from
  • Where your money was spent
  • Find out how much money is left for the current month
  • Track your money to find out how successful you are at keeping your money at bay this month
image 51

F) Create a budget for a specific category

You can create a budget for specific categories like monthly movie nights, groceries, or clothing

So, if you are looking for an app to help you budget and keep track of your spending and income, you might want to give this app a try.

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Comment below and let us know if you use this app, iFinance 4 app, to keep track of your finances and share your experience with us.

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