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If you are looking for productive ways to spend your spare time or looking to start a new career, then learning how to code might be right for you.

You can learn how to code online and they are mostly for free, so I have compiled a list of apps that can help you learn how to code no matter what stage you are in.

1. Mimo: Learn Coding and Programming app

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Mimo is one of the best coding apps.

It teaches programming in HTML, Python, JavaScript, etc. which equips you with the skills needed to build apps, and websites and to become a developer.

Mimo is designed in such a way that, even if you are a beginner with no prior knowledge about coding in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, etc, you will be able to learn and understand different computer programming languages using this app.

Mimo is an exceptional app that takes you at any stage of coding you are in and teaches you what you need to get better and improves your knowledge and skills preparing you for big and lucrative careers in the world of coding. 

The curriculum in Mimo is designed by professionals and teaches you coding by practicing on real-world projects in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and SQL.


A)With Mimo, you will be able to learn computer programming languages such as SQL, CSS, Python, HTML, JavaScript

B)You will be able to practice coding by solving coding challenges

C)You will be able to build your portfolio with projects like app building, website designing, etc

D)You will be given a certificate that can be presented when getting hired for a coding job

E)It helps you to be able to solve bite-size coding challenges

F)It helps you run code and build real-world projects on the go thanks to our mobile IDE

G)You will become part of a supportive community of millions of coders


A)Python Path: The Python programming language is one of the most popular and in-demand computer languages. In this path, you will learn Python with:

  • 2,600+ bite-size exercises
  • 53+ Concepts, and
  • 32+ Projects that will unlock as you keep expanding your Python skills.

B)Web development Path: will train you on how to build websites using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You will learn with:

  • 13,000+ bite-size exercises
  • 87+ Concepts, and 
  • 62+ Projects.

C)SQL Curriculum:

 In this curriculum, you will dive into data science and learn to analyze data using SQL.

With Mimo, all you need is 5 minutes daily to go through the different coding classes in order to learn the basics of these computer programming languages such as SQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Python. You will then learn how to build websites using coding. All these will help to build your portfolio

The interactive curriculum and bite-sized coding lessons on the Mimo app make learning coding at your own pace possible. There are pre-prepared coding tutorials and challenges for you to work on whenever you have the time to do so.

2. Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun

Programming Hero is one of the best coding apps.

You will learn to code while playing a game. I have listed some advantages of using this app

A) Quick Action: Apply any computer programming language and concepts immediately after learning

B) Brag Right: Easily show off your work by publishing your code immediately

C) Practice Anywhere: Practice coding computer languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

D) Instant Help: Get help whenever you need it by getting your questions answered instantly

E) Smart Learning: You can start learning and practicing  advanced Data Structures, OOP, Algorithms, Database, etc

You will learn:

A) 100+ coding problems, explanations & solutions 

B) Database: SQL, Database, SQLite, Relational database

C)  Game Development: Game development basics, pygame, build a game from scratch

D) Web Development: HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap

E) Algorithms: Binary search, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Time complexity

F)  Data Structures: Stack, Queue, Linked list, Dictionary, Tree, Graph

G) OOP: Object, Class, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, etc.


A) Makes learning coding fun!

One thing that this app promise is that you will get to learn how to code while having fun. They promise that the coding tutorials are designed in a way that they are very interactive, fun, and enjoyable, so you will get to learn different coding languages using game-like challenges and tutorials which can help to retain them longer.

B) Quizzes to improve retention

The quizzes on this app have been designed in such a way that it increases retention. Examples are a 3-seconds burger game, 45-seconds ice-cream game, 5-seconds pizza game, etc

C) WEB Development

You will learn how to make a website using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript inside the app

D) APP Development

You will learn how to develop different apps such as the Tinder app using Java, Kotlin, and Android

E)Offline code playground

You can use the web development code playground which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build any project using Bootstrap, JavaScript (Vue.js), CSS & HTML. You can then publish them on GitHub and share them with the world.

You can keep practicing and improving your coding skills using the playground in the app


A) Games: Interesting games such as space shooting games to explain coding

B) Basketball games: mainly to explain data structure in order to increase retention

C) Forum: which contains a number of fellow code lovers and learners whom you can get help from

D) You get to write your own concepts and share them with other

E) Bookmark: You can make and mark any content that can be revisited in the future

F) Challenges and games: Interactive and interesting coding games and challenges to increase understanding and retention

G) Rewards: You get to win daily rewards to encourage you to continue studying

H) Volunteer opportunity: this will help you to get real-world experience for a rewarding career in the world of coding

New Features:

A) Web Development (Advanced JavaScript, Bootstrap & React, Django)

B) Machine Learning and data structure



Below is the summary of my top 2 coding apps that are great for learning coding languages. So, whether you are a beginner with no prior coding knowledge or skills OR you are an expert that just wants to brush up your skills, these 2 coding apps can help you

1. Mimo: Learn Coding and Programming app

2. Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun

Comment below if you have ever used any of these apps and share your experience with us

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