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GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) test is a standardized test needed in order to get admission to most graduate schools in Canada, the United States, and some other countries.

So if you plan to take the GRE test, you can check out these 2 apps below that might assist you in studying for the GRE tests

1. Ultimate English Vocabulary Prep: GRE & all exams

Ultimate English Vocabulary Prep app is one of the best apps to prepare for GRE and other English exams

The Ultimate (Galvanize) English Vocabulary Builder app has a 4.8 rating from thousands of users. It is excellent at expanding the vocabulary of thousands of users, preparing them for tests like GRE and other verbal tests.

This app is unique because it helps to prepare users for tests while making it fun, exciting, and thoughtful


A) This vocab builder app can be very addictive

The features found in this app such as pictorial representation with words etc make this app very addictive which will invariably help you master the GRE classes

B) The lessons are designed in a fun and interactive way

The classes in this app are designed in a fun and interactive way. For example, you get to win or earn game currency every time your master words. The more words your master, the richer you get. This will help to build your GRE vocabulary as quickly as possible

C) Builds confidence

This app helps to make you comfortable with a wide range of vocabulary with varying difficulty levels. The flashcards can also come in handy to make you confident with simple to hard vocabulary any where you find yourself.

D) Simple to use

The user interface of this app is very simple to navigate making it easy for users to use in building their GRE vocabulary

E) Prepares you for all tests:

This app helps to prepare you for a number of competitive exams that involves verbal tests such as GRE, NAD, TOEFL, GMAT, Bank PO, UPSC, IBPS, MBA, SSC, aptitude test, campus recruitment tests, standardized test, placement exams, ESL, SAT, AFCAT, Bank Clerk, IELTS, IBPS, IAS


You can save time by studying only words you don’t already know in preparation for GRE exams

A) GRE word library: This app contains about 1800 must-know GRE words necessary to improve your English Vocabulary

B) Real-life and fictitious examples: You can get involved in context-based word learning with fictitious and real-life examples

C) Wordlist: There is a wordlist which is useful for expanding your vocabulary for GRE® English

D) Pictures: This helps to improve your long term retention to help you succeed at GRE exam

E) Test Words: Tests like GRE, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, and GMAT have complex words associations. This app helps to explain them with a clear definition

F) Words used in sentences: Get some examples of common words used in sentences

G) Synonyms and antonyms, etymology, and perfect pronunciation: With this app, you will get to learn advanced etymology, antonyms, and synonyms as well as perfect pronunciation.

H) Bookmark: You can bookmark confusing GRE words and difficult words to revisit at anytime

I) Skill level: With the app, you will get an insight into your vocabulary skill-level

J) Notifications: This app sends frequent notifications to keep you updated on how quickly you are learning and preparing for your GRE exams

K) Flashcards: You can easily and quickly build your GRE vocabulary by using the flashcards in the app

L) Works offline: This app can be used at any place and anytime without the internet 

M) Money rewards: You are awarded money in the form of dollars inside the app whenever you achieve different levels but note that there is no real monetary value to these dollars earned. It is just a way to motivate its users

This app has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in GRE Prep. This app can be useful in preparing you for standardized tests like GRE.

2. GRE Test Prep Math & Verbal

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GRE Test Prep Math & Verbal app is one of the best apps for preparing for GRE and other English tests.


A) Step up your GRE prep game

If you are tired of looking for quality GRE tests prep online, this GRE Test Prep Math and Verbal app could be your answer. This app, contains a number of GRE practice questions created by San Jose State University, Harvard, IIT alumni, Stanford, Texas A&M.

B) Get hundreds of GRE math and verbal practice questions

This app contains hundreds of GRE math and verbal practice questions with excellent explanations of the answers to each of the questions


A) GRE math and verbal practice questions:

This app contains hundreds of GRE verbal and math practice questions that you can use to study for your GRE exams

B) GRE Math and Verbal Explanations for each Question:

For each GRE verbal and math question found on the app, you will also find excellent explanations for the answers to these questions

C) GRE Score Predictor:

Answering the GRE math and verbal questions contained in this app can also help you to predict your GRE scores as the exam draw closer

D) GRE Exam Readiness Indicator:

Using this app to test your abilities in the GRE Math and verbal sections of the exams can help to indicate your readiness for the exam and help you determine when you will be ready for the exam

E) Timed GRE® Practice Tests:

Since the real GRE exam is timed, it is best to practice GRE math and verbal questions with timing. This app provides timed GRE math and verbal practice test to help give you a feel of how the real GRE exam day will be 

F) Study with friends: With this app, you can get an opportunity to study in a group. This can be very effective as it could be a fun way to keep each other motivated 

G) GRE Quantitative Ready Reckoner: You will get a list of GRE Quant formulas in a Galvanize-exclusive Cheat Sheet on the GRE Test Prep Math & Verbal app.

In this app, you will get a lot of GRE test prep questions and they include;

A) Quantitative Comparison

B) Reading Comprehension

C) Data Interpretation

D) Text Completion (1, 2, 3 blanks)

E) Multiple choice questions 

F) Sentence Equivalence

G) Numeric Entry

C) No distractions while you study for GRE

This app has no type of distractions such as ads so that you can focus on preparing for your GRE tests

D) Get coached by experts

According to this app, their GRE coaches are alumni of Stanford and IIT university. They are dedicated to coaching users of this app to help them in their GRE Test preparations



Below is a summary of the list of apps that can help you study for the GRE test

1. Ultimate English Vocabulary Prep: GRE & all exams

2. GRE Test Prep Math & Verbal

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