Spread the love is a premium ad network that serves both advertisers and publishers. They help to run campaigns for advertisers within their budget while ensuring high ROI. They also help to provide publishers with highly targeted ads to ensure constant revenue while maintaining good user experience.

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So, we will be outlining the varying benefits of advertisers and publishers working with

1. For Publishers: is an ad network that helps to monetize a publisher’s blog. They do so by providing instant approval, easy integration and efficient payment.

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Benefits For Publishers 

A) Ensures Easy Integration: ensures that all publishers find it easy to integrate their advertising codes into their website to start monetizing it immediately. The integration process is very seamless and smooth and they provide support to assist the publisher to integrate code if needed. 

B) Transparency:

The publisher’s dashboard provides a very detailed report of their earnings inorder to foster transparency between publisher and A personal account manager is also given to each publisher inorder to assist them whenever needed and answer any questions that might arise.

C) Flexible Payment:

Another advantage of working with as a publisher is that they have flexible payment plan as payment can be done through paypal, payoneer and wire transfer.

D) Excellent user experience

One attractive feature of using is that they will not disrupt the user experience of the publisher’s website. They do this by rejecting ads with malwares or unattractive or disturbing ad creatib=ves inorder to ensure that the users continue to enjoy using the website while the publisher keeps making money without pursing 

You can register as a publisher on by clicking here

2. For Advertisers ad network states that they provide high quality converting traffic for advertisers to ensure a high ROI. They are able to do this by 

– Proving a very supportive tech team to resolve any technical issue that might arise when running an ad campaign

-Proving an advertiser’s ad account manager to assist in creating an ad campaign.

– Providing about 100 million quality traffic

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Benefits of Using Foremedia,net as an advertiser

A) Efficient Optimization:

One major factor that ensures that an advertiser runs a successful campaign is knowing how to optimize your ads based on the insights gotten from the campaign analytics.

Now, states that they assist the advertiser to optimize their ad campaign, so that whether the advertiser i using a CPM or CPC campaign method, they will be able to increase their ad returns on investment (ROI)

B) Support team:

Another ingredient of running a successful ad campaign is having access to a dedicated support team that will assist advertisers to reach their goal. So whether your goal is to get app installs, increase website traffic, increase downloads, etc, a dedicated account manager will ensure that your ad is successful.

C) Access to direct traffic:

Foremedia,net claims that they have over 100 million monthly impressions with almost all of it coming from the websites of their premium publishers.

This is great because advertisers will get to enjoy traffic directly from highly engaged website visitors which has the ability of increasing the click through rate and conversion rate.

D) Various ad format helps to provide ads in varying formats which includes push notifications, video ads, display ads as well as pop ads. So advertisers have the opportunity to choose from the vast number of ad formats to ensure high ROI.

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SUMMARY is a premium ad network that caters to the needs of both advertisers and publishers. 

They do so by providing advertisers with premium traffic and the tools needed to run a successful campaign and they also provide publishers with premium ads to monetize their traffic while maintaining the integrity of their websites.

If you have experience monetizing your blog with, tell us about it in the comment section.

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