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Sign language is the first language a deaf person learns in order to communicate with other people that might be deaf. 

So, I have listed 3 top apps that can help you learn sign language to help improve your communication skills.

1. ASL American Sign Language


ASL American Sign Language app is the best app for learning sign language


A) Make learning ASL fun and effective:

Learning American sign language (ASL) will help you interact with a whole new group of people and this app is focused on making your learning process fun, convenient and enjoyable.

B)Bridges the gap between the non-hearing and hearing community: 

The gap is bridged by using the speech-to-text feature which converts speech to text and the text-to-speech feature converts text to speech for easier communication between deaf and non-deaf people.

C) This app helps deaf people easily communicate

D)This app also helps illiterate deaf people to communicate by using the Pictogram feature to communicate using pictures


A) This app is easily accessible because it is free.

B) This app takes privacy seriously, it doesn’t mix with your privacy, no extra permissions.

C) This app teaches American Sign Language (ASL) History

D) You can easily learn Alphabets A-Z

E) You can also easily learn Numbers 1-100

F) You begin by learning commonly used phrases in vocabulary and conversations.

G) This app contains 250+ Basic Signs with Video:  Place signs, Family signs, Time signs, and much more.

H) You can play ASL(Words) Picture Matching game to get better at signing words

I)  You can also play ASL(Numbers) Picture Matching game to get better at signing numbers

J) This app contains Facts and Figures about American sign language (ASL)

K) Text-to-speech feature converts speech to texts for easy communication from a hearing person to a deaf person.

L) Speech-to-text feature helps to convert text to speech for easy communication from “deaf to deaf” or from “deaf to non-deaf”.

M) Shortcut feature is a feature that contains already made buttons with voice and texts that can be used in sentences so that you don’t have to re-write them again.

N) Pictogram feature helps to assist illiterate deaf people to communicate using pictures.

2. The ASL App

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The ASL app is one of the best apps for learning sign language


The ASL App is great for learning sign language because it was made by deaf people for deaf people

A) You learn ASL quickly

This is because the lessons are designed in a conversational method and this leads to increased understanding

B) You can learn on the go

The ASL app helps to assist you to learn sign languages on the go, using signs and phrases.

C) Learning can be done at your own pace

Using this app to learn sign language makes learning easy, intuitive and well paced. You can fast forward or slow down the lessons.


A)Fast forward or slow down feature:

You can use your fingers on the videos to control the speed by fast-forwarding and slowing down the videos so that you can study at your own pace

B) Search Index: which you can use to navigate to other places on your app

C) Info (tips): You easily get tips for better understanding, retention, and communication on each sign language you learn

D) Favorites folder: this is where you can easily save some lessons for easy access to return to whenever you need it to practice.

E) Share feature:

You can use the share feature to share whatever signs you have learned with friends to make it fun and progressive


You can easily learn how to say HELLO in ASL using this app

The complete ASL app pack is $9.99 and you get to have access to all the sign bundles listed below but you also have the option of buying the individual sign bundles to study

Below is a list of all the available sign bundles in the ASL app, both free and paid options

Sign Bundles:

A) Know Your ABCs – You can learn the ASL alphabet (free!)- You will need it to sign alphabet

B) Know Your Numbers – You can learn all the numbers (free!)- You will need it to sign numbers

C) Universal Gestures – Review what you already know (free!) – You can use gestures to revise sign language you already know

D) Handshape Exercises – Use these exercises to warm up your hands, to get used to different handshape positions. You get to learn how to make your muscles become fluently aware. (free!)

E) The Basics: This is a good way to start learning sign language (free!)

F) Sign and Vote: With this, you can learn how to say “register to vote” and learn how to sign the President, red or blue states (free!)

G) Looking Good Today: A collection of signs that is related to looks, fashion, and different complimenting phrases. ($0.99)

H) Mood Swings: This is a collection of signs that show different emotions, moods, and feelings. ($0.99)

I) Life of the Party: This is a collection of phrases or signs that will most likely be said in a bar, party, or any social event. ($0.99)

J) Dining & Signing: A collection of different phrases and signs that are usually used in restaurants or for eating out. ($0.99)

K) Foodies, Rejoice: It contains phrases and signs associated with eating food, drinks, and different dishes. ($0.99)

L) The Wilderness Beckons: This contains phrases and signs associated with hiking, camping, road trips, and other activities involving the natural environment. ($0.99)

M) Great Timing: This is a collection of phrases and signs that are related to calendars, days of the month, days of the week, time, scheduling, and much more. ($0.99)

N) Dollar and Signs: You will get to learn everything relating to budgeting, invoicing, making payments, and much more. ($0.99)

O) Country Name Signs: You will get to learn the different signs of countries all over the world. ($0.99)

P) Colors: You will get to learn all the signs for colors with some phrases! (Free)

K) Nyle’s Sampler: This particular collection is unique because it features Nyle DiMarco, who is the winner of America’s Next Top Model and ABC’s Dance With The Stars. (Free)

R) Sign That! with Nyle: There might be many phrases and signs that you might want to ask Nyle, or ask through social media! ($0.99)

S) Celebrations: This collection teaches a number of different phrases and signs that will help to make your season’s greeting look more authentic. This collection is with Nyle who loves celebrations, and holidays, especially Halloween and Valentine’s. He will teach you how to be festive in ASL! This bundle includes a variety of signed words and beneficial phrases to help your season greetings look authentic. ($0.99)

T) Family Signs: This collection teaches signs appropriate for different types of relationships like immediate family members, extended family members, loved ones, and nosy neighbors! ($0.99)

U) Family Milestones & Life Events: You will learn phrases and signs for events and milestones like divorce, wedding, children, marriage, adoption, pregnancies, and much more! ($0.99)

V) Pop Culture and Social Media: This contains a bundle containing signs for what is trending, current or popular. ($0.99)

W) More Basic Signs: This is a bundle that contains more basic signs. ($0.99)

3. ASL Dictionary

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ASL Dictionary is one of the best apps for learning sign language


With over 5,200 ASL videos containing signed words and phrases and this is the most complete and updated ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary.



B)  You can see the next or previous video by swiping the video screen

C)  Loop video

D) 473 Idioms translated

E) Slow motion feature

F) Money

G) You can download all videos to use without the internet, while you are offline

H) Months, Years

I) Dates

J) Finger Spelled Alphabet

K) Time

L) General numbers

M) Common Phrases like “You’re too late”

N) Multi-word signs like “don’t want”

0) 765 Multiple meaning words


A) Easily and quickly learn sign language:

By watching professional sign language interpreters, you can easily and quickly learn sign languages

B) Easily translate English into ASL 

Using this app will help you to easily translate alphabets and numbers to sign languages. You can also translate common English symbols and phrases 

C) Learn on the go

You can continue learning sign language no matter where you are. You can learn it on the beach, on the train, while at a game or an event

D) Learn ASL without the internet

You can continue learning ASL even without the internet by downloading the videos 



Below is a summary of three apps that helps you learn sign languages

1. ASL American Sign Language

2. The ASL Apps

3. ASL Dictionary

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