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Anatomy is a branch of biology that is concerned with the studies of organisms and their parts. So, Human Anatomy deals with the studies of human beings and their parts.

I have outlined two, 2, apps that are great for studying the human anatomy below

1. Essential Anatomy 5

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The Essential Anatomy 5 app is one of the best apps for studying the Human Anatomy


A)Get to study the anatomy of 11 systems

This app contains lessons teaching eleven (11) systems in the body

B)Study a total of 8,200 anatomical structures

Using this app to study anatomy will help you to understand about 8,200 anatomical structures

C)The app is in 3D

This anatomy app is in 3D, so the anatomical structures can be viewed in isolation. It can also be viewed from any angle. This app represents the latest in ground-breaking innovative designs and 3D technology

D)Beautiful graphics

This app utilizes cutting edge 3D graphics for beautiful and outstanding graphics of anatomical structures


A) This app has cutting-edge 3D technology

B) This app teaches anatomy with over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures.

C) This app has several options like – Hide/Fade/Isolate/Fade Others/Hide Others options for individual structures. These options can help make your studies easier

D) This app also has a “Multiple Selection Mode”

E) Pins: You can create customized pins with notes and place them anywhere on the 3D anatomical model

F) Slice: You can slice through ant of the structures using a 3D plane tool

G) Bookmarks: Preset and Customizable- You can save a page for revisitation in the future

H) Another exciting feature is that you can correct audio pronunciations for every structure

I) You can correct Latin nomenclature for every structure

J)You can use the search option to search through the English and Latin nomenclature

K) Dynamic Quiz: The quiz found in this app is dynamic in that it can be multichoice and you can drag and drop 

L) There is also a share option with which you can share images via email and social media 

M) You can study the anatomy of 11 systems using this app: Respiratory, Lymphatic, Skin, Connective Tissue, Skeletal, Brain and Heart, Muscles, Urogenital, Veins, Digestive, Arteries, and also Nerves 

2. Visual Anatomy 2


Visual Anatomy 2 app is one of the best apps for studying Human Anatomy.

Visual Anatomy app is a very interactive app with a lot of features that help to explain anatomy to its users. It has over 100 HD animations or videos for visual explanations, and 500+ images for visual representations of the different anatomy structures. 

It also has audio clips for audio pronunciation of the different anatomy terms. The app also has the search option for easy navigation to the terms you want to study. 

There are also feature points, each of them has its own label and short description. The app also has its own quizzes and multichoice questions to test your anatomical knowledge.


A) This app is great for learning anatomy and physiology

B) Learning tools for students

This app is great for studying anatomy and can help students to prepare for anatomy tests and exams

C) Assists Physicians/Educators or Professionals

This app is also great to be used by professionals, physicians, or teachers to help them remember details about anatomy needed to educate their students or explain ailments, conditions, or injuries.


A) Functions Offline: This app can function offline, so no internet connection is required for it to work. You only need the internet when downloading Gray’s anatomy images to save or study them

B) Tap and Zoom: In order to identify features, bones, or regions, all you have to do is tap on the screen. If you would like to zoom, all you have to do is pinch the screen with your fingers.

C) Animations: This app contains muscle action animations to explain muscle functions.

D) Quick Navigation: You can move from one system or organ to another by simply selecting the thumbnail.

E) Audio clips. This app has a number of audio clips with pronunciation for all anatomy terms.

F) 150+ Multi-choice quizzes: These quizzes can help to test your anatomical knowledge based on the lessons and classes in the audio and video clips found in the app

G) 500+ high-resolution images: These images help to make studying anatomical structures easy

H) 100+ HD Videos: These videos teaching anatomy and physiology help to make understanding anatomy easy

I) Anatomy dictionary: This app can be used as an anatomy dictionary because you can get to learn so many anatomy terms while using it

J)Quiz button: This button is used to switch on and off the label and short description of the feature points

K)Detail button: This button is used to switch on and off the short description

L)Rotation button: This button is used to change your view

Below is a list of lessons found in the app

A) 3D organ overview.

B)  Muscles: This is one of the main sections in this app. It has more than 130 muscles including their full descriptions (ORIGIN, INSERTION, NERVE, ACTIONS), and covers all superficial muscles and most of the deep muscles. 3D muscle overview.

C) Bones: This is also one of the main sections in the app. It has all bones in the skeleton system including small bones in the neck region and ligaments in the knee, shoulder, and ankle joints. 3D skeleton overview and 3D skull overview.

D) Lungs, Respiratory System

E)  Liver, Digestive System

F)  Urinary System

G) Brain, Central Nervous System

H) Male and Female Reproductive System

I) Senses (Mouth, Tongue, Finger, Nasal Cavity, Hand, Human Denture, Ear, Nose)

J) Circulatory system.

K) Endocrine System

L) Surface Anatomy



Below is the summary of the list of two apps that are great for studying the Human Anatomy

1. Essential Anatomy 5

2. Visual Anatomy 2

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